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Does a Birkin bag count as a baby changing bag?

Thanks to the snow test driving prams didn’t take place as I didn’t want to venture out. I hate being cold with a passion. So from the warmth of my home I went internet browsing looking for really important accessories that I need for my baby. A changing bag of course!

My first choice would be a Hermes Birkin bag, maybe slightly over priced and completely impractical but who cares it’s absolutely beautiful! Priced at a small down payment on a house, I am defiantly worth it! Come on its not everyday you push a baby out your lady bits, I need to be rewarded! Plus I need look good as a new mummy around town.

The beautiful Hermes Birkin bag ill have a black one please!

It works for VB i also need that beautiful watch on her arm to make sure i don't miss feeding times

Ok so if im not getting a Birkin I could possibly work with a Mulberry bag.

Yep tan or black will do please

Ok, ok… so maybe the Mulberry bag wont be very practical either, so here we go with real “baby changing bags”

Working at the studio I obviously get to see lots of babies. Lots of lovely clothes and cute accessories always stand out to me but I can’t say I have ever really noticed a changing bag and thought ah wow that’s cute.  I done a quick search and all I could see was lots of horrible, geometric prints and de-saturated colours.

So many bags. So many ugly bags.

One bag that I have always liked was my sister in laws bugaboo bag in black leather. I love the simplicity of it and of course black leather pretty much goes with everything.

Would it be completely ridiculous to pick a pram over a changing bag? Maybe.

Bugaboo Changing bag. Canvas £70 in leather £99

I was also recommended by one of my lovely mummy readers to check out the PacaPod at John Lewis

I like the quick side access with separate "pods"

Do you have a handbag and a changing bag? or does your changing bag become your handbag? Oh lord all these things to think about!

This has got me thinking do I want a changing bag that looks like a handbag or just a baby changing looking type bag.

This is the nicest "handbag" type bag that i came across. It's at the higher end priced at £185

Quick side access - looks nice and practical

Share the load

When looking at the Pacapod the last image made me realise I want a plain simple bag that Mr C can carry too! Having looked at lots of sites mothercare do a really good variety.  In the low end range there are some nice plain bags for less than £40.

However the messenger bag does remind me of year 6 at school with my first “record bag” ha ha

Mothercare Messenger Change Bag - Denim £31.99

Most brands do really nice bags that compliment their prams. I think I will be sticking to the same brand just for ease as i know i could be searching forever. However if you do want to look for something a little bit different, other places where you can find a good variety of changing bags are:

Kathy Cidson

Pink Lining




So it looks like one needs to decide on a pram before I carry on because so far the only bag i really like is the bugaboo changing bag. I just had a quick look at the iCandy bag and I could live with that too it looks really practical.

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American/nautical baby boy shower

I had so much fun coming up with lots of ideas for my baby girls, baby shower I got carried away and done one for expecting mummies with little boys in their tummies. Yes im a geek!

Just so happens my best friend Mrs K is 4 weeks ahead of me and the first of the all my girlfriends to have a baby and guess what its a BOY! Not being from a group of girls who have had children yet I was so happy and couldn’t wait to be a “Aunty” and make a fuss of her pregnancy and her new baby. We went out to catch up over food and little did I know at the time I was in fact pregnant. I sat there laughing at her, as I ate a platters of sea food and goats cheese, which you have to sacrifice in pregnancy, sad times. I laughed because it is both our favourite food and kept saying I could never give this up! Yes, a good friend I know. Mrs K sat there saying “I wish I weren’t doing it on my own and one of you girls were pregnant” oh how we all laughed! ha ha haaaaa

Well…. 2 weeks later I wasnt laughing was I! It had to be me didn’t it! (hear my reaction in my very first post “when the second line appears”) Thanks Mrs K for attracting that! So of course all the important questions came rushing to mind, not how am i going to cope in a less than perfect relationship but how could i give up seafood and how will i deal with the Brie and Stilton under my nose at every gathering, with christmas just around the corner. This is what it must be like for addicts going cold turkey, not fun! Its been hard but it had to be done.

Now i can see it’s a blessing to be going through it with one of my best friends and often wake up to messages like constipated.com and know the feeling. Our other best friend Miss T has already written their love story and goes a little like this:

“Boy meets girl aged 0 months. Girl giggles with boy. Boy likes girl. Girl says just mates. Boy charms girl. Girl n boy marry.”

So back to my boys baby shower theme. It would be american bbq meets nautical.

I love this idea for a mint after a meal. I am still doing this just with different coloured tissue obviously.

Would change the water to a clear fizzy drink like cream soda or lemonade

Another question that has just popped into my head when thinking of ideas  is Q: Would i slip something a little stronger in the red drink? which brings me to my next question Q. Do people drink alcohol and get drunk at baby showers?

I’ve only been to two baby shower. One I was working at and the other one I was late for so missed most the fun and games.

Big hotdogs (mini is no fun when your pregnant) and nacho bowls all round

Fun photo op that tastes good

I should really do a post for mummies that haven’t found out the sex. You know if I have time I am so doing one! #Geek

Please comment below and let me know about the alcohol situation at baby showers.

What did you do at your baby shower?

favourite game?

favourite food feature?


Do you think baby showers are completely American and don’t see what the fuss is all about?

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Bugaboo V’s iCandy

So tomorrow I am off to test drive Q7’s…I wish! Ok so im of to test drive prams at John Lewis. What do you drive?

I have narrowed it down to the Bugaboo and the iCandy collections after reading a number of reviews.

I would like to go to the shops with a top 5  most recommended prams. Please comment on the post to let me know what you think or if there are any other prams that come highly recommend I would love to hear your opinions.

I will then be back with my own review 🙂

Bugaboo Cameleon V's Bugaboo Bee?


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Developing my style of photography

Where i started and where i am heading…

I started my career as a photographer at Venture Photography.

Top right: Thats me

The Uk’s leading portrait company. http://www.venturephotography.com/uk/

Such a great company to work for but i lost the love of selling one 7×5 photo for £95, one 10×8 at £165 and digital albums that you cant print from at £600. I would have sales up to £5000 and have no commission after shooting, editing and selling the photos.

Seeing my work at the Venture Award in Nutsford.

After a successful year of featuring in the Venture Awards book I left and opened my own studio in Reading town center.

Seeing two of my images in the Venture Awards book

Having worked at Venture i find it difficult when customers question my prices and say they are expensive when my digital albums start from £150 with full copyright in comparisment to £600 for 15 images as a pc slide show. There are lots of studios that lack quality, bad lighting and bad retouching. My best friend Nicola and I often have the same discussion not understanding how people cannot see the difference in quality and creativity between photographers. Maybe people just dont care enough about family portrait these days? I think this topic will need to be a separate blog post. I will compare the difference in quality and prices. I will show you the Primark from the Prada of family portraits. Like all product you have the low-end, mid and high-end range but in photography the prices don’t seem to vary that much so its finding the high end photographer with the low end prices like me! 🙂 Im not saying im the best in the game and dont want to sound bigheaded but want people to see the value for money in my work. For me family portraits are about creating your own piece or art to have up on the walls at home. Its not about sitting stiff, looking into a camera, saying cheese with forced smiles. I will come back to this as a new post.

Family portraits are not something you do everyday so are worth investing in. That is me talking as a new mum to be not as a photographer.

Toes do not stay this cute forever! LOVE my job.

I cant wait for my baby to arrive so i can take lots of beautiful photos. I predict she will either grow up to hate the camera completely or will be a model.

My current work

This little strawberry was shot last week at my studio www.nu-nuu.com

I am adapting my style to concentrate on maternity/newborns and wedding photography. I love my job and entertaining families for an hour of fun in the studio but i am losing the love for white studio backgrounds. I want to do more fun family portraits on location and more boutique baby photos.

My new style wont be to everyone’s taste but for me i absolutely love the use of colours, textures and accessories. However this means building up a new collection of props as my current style includes no props only personal items that customers bring in.

Stools and bowls i need

I already have this pompom tutu isn't it beautiful

I want to build a collection of hairbands for girls and hats for boys

Cute crown

The images below show an example of the style i am working toward. I it when hate photo of sleeping new borns getting refered to as “very Anne Geddes” as I am not really a fan of her work and have come across many american photographer whose work is so much more amazing.

Inspiring photos

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My Vintage Tea Party Baby Shower

Baby Shower Plannng

I dont know where all this excitment has come from. I havent been very excited about being pregnant and have worried about how I will cope as it wasn’t exactly a planned pregnancy but since finding out the sex I cant stop planning.

Straight on Pinterest I started a new board “My Vintage Tea Party Baby Shower” I have never been a fan of pink but i fell in love when coming up with all these ideas and finding these images.

I love fresh flowers and have my cousin to make cake pops

Pink Lemonade

Goodie for the girls

I got so carried away I was re-pinning pictures until 3am and have already sourced everything i need and want.  I cant wait, I just want it to be May already so i can take my own photos of the day.

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My New Addiction

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.


So far my boards include:

My Boards

Babys room, Baby shower, Baby photography, Food, Home and more…..

Follow me:


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