The moment the second line appears…

Holy crap im pregnant!

Woooohooooo… im pregnant!

Yes, yes, yes!


Taking a pregnancy test can be a life changing moment and we will all have different reactions. Planned or not planned. Tears of joy or tears of sadness. Everyone is different.

Mine went a little like this…..

Friday morning, 9am, sitting alone in my studio flat i peed on a stick that was about to tell me if my life is about to change forever.


Longest 2 minutes of my life ever! One blue line and then…..two blue lines!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaa. I burst out into tears. I then called my best friend of 20 years.

Nic: Hey

Me: Hi Nic, can you talk?

Nic: No

Me: Ok

Nic: Alright then…. bye

Me: NO actually Nic I really need to talk!

Nic: Oh no whats wrong are you sad?

Me: No im pregnant!

SILENCE……Long pause

Nic: Oh

SILENCE……Long pause

Turns out Nicola’s boss and a number of colleagues were stood at her desk, hence why she couldn’t talk!

Nicola is not very good at lying or concealing her expressions or emotions so I can just imagine her face as her colleagues stood staring at her strangely.

After leaving her desk and telling me this I quickly went from crying to laughing my head off!

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