The morning after the positive pregnancy test!

So it all makes sense, I weren’t being sick because I was anxious about work I was sick twice after eating porridge because I was pregnant! As you can imagine I havent eaten porridge since that day.

I didn’t feel nausea after so pregnancy didn’t even cross my mind and i just put it down to work stress.

Ok so the test was done and apparently I am pregnant. I still didn’t believe it as the line was very faint and later that evening the line had gone! *confused face

I called Nicola and said its ok it’s a false alarm im not pregnant!

I had mix feelings, I wasnt sure if I was happy or disappointed.

Nicola was like are you sure? I think you should do another one! So I done another one the next day and again the line was very faint.

Who ever reads the instruction or the small print. I decided to read commonly asked questions and there is was, What happens if the line fades away? A: The result will stay present for up to 10 minutes. Any change after should be disregarded.

Ok then! I guess i am up the duff!

I called to make a doctor’s appointment but they wouldn’t book me in to see the midwife until I was 8 weeks! I was so surprised you can’t see the doctor to do a test to confirm. They said tests are 99% accurate.

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