And so the journey begins

7 weeks

Still in disbelief my sister in law recommend a reassurance scan. So the appointment was booked with Future babies in Reading.

Sitting in Reception waiting for our appointment there was a couple who had just had a gender scan. The lady on reception was talking them through options for a later scan and showing them packages. In my head i was thinking what packages? I was shocked to hear her selling packages that included additional images, dvds, which i get but then she went on to talk about how people like to have their 3d scan printed on coffee cups, coasters, key rings and even blown up and framed…REALLY!?

“Miss Evans”

In we go, hopped on the bed and on goes the gel, which i always imagined to be cold but infact was very nice and warm. So there on the screen was our little bean and a bean it was. There was nothing to see but we listened to the heart beat and was confirmation there was indeed something growing inside of me.

Waste of money?

At £75 i would say yes unless you have been trying for a long time then it is great for peace of mind.

8 weeks

Before i know it i was 8 weeks and sitting in the doctors surgery meeting my midwife.

Funny lady, seemed abit scatty and kept calling me Natasha. Great start. Unsure if i will be living in Windsor or Reading i wasnt sure which hospital i was planning to go to. She booked my 12 week scan with the hospital, took some notes on my families medical history and sent me on my way with a bounty pack.


No morning sickness. ok well one week of nausea day and night. I had toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

One thing which i did have which iv never really had in life was constipation! what a bitch! So for anyone who might be suffering here are my top 4 suggestions:


Dried Apricots


Beetroot Juice

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