Whats worst aborting an unplanned baby or bringing a baby in to a less then perfect relationship?

I always imagine I would be having a planned baby in a happy, loving, perfect and secure relationship. Taking a pregnancy test together, seeing the result together and jumping for joy but life just doesn’t go to plan does it. Especially mine. After days of talk Mr C and I have decided to bring a baby in to this world together. We both have lots of family and friends who are very excited, we have no doubt this baby will be dearly loved by us and them.

Development of a baby start immediately and there is no slowing down from week 1. Obviously I knew it started straight away but I didn’t realise just how fast everything takes place and at such a small size. The facts amazed me. I know have a greater understanding for campaigners who are so against abortions. I can see the argument from both sides but this would be a very long post if I was to carry on.

I could go on to write loads about the amazing facts but instead I wont bore you and would recommend downloading an App for your phone that gives you a nice brief but detailed description from week 1 right through to week 42.

So join me in my journey of pregnancy and being a first time mum.

Scared? YES pooing my pants!

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