Pregnant women still get PMT right?

Week 13 & 14

I’ve been super emotional/hormonal and have been a right old misreable and moany cow, taking everything out on Mr C and i mean everything, even things that have nothing to do with him. Being a typical man he has no understanding of female hormones so makes everything 10 times worst.

In his defence i have been HORRIBLE. You know when you feel crazy, you know your acting crazy and you know when to STOP but you just cant! Yep thats me!

Week 15

Everyone is asking me if i have had that “butterfly feeling” ?

hmmmm maybe or it just wind :/

Week 16-19

No mistaking feeling the baby’s movement for wind. It started of with very light, i call them “pops” and has now gone on to non stop moving and kicking. Sometimes at work it catches me of guard and makes me jump if i am sitting with my legs up on the computer chair. Typically it would be at night when I am trying to wind down and sleep but non the less it is a lovely feeling.

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