To know or not to know?

To find out the baby’s sex or not?

Boy or Girl? Does it matter?

I have always said if and I when I get pregnant I would never find out the sex. It’s the biggest surprise you will ever have in life that no one can’t spoil.

Well that all went out the window! Mr C is desperate to find out the sex as he would really like a boy. He said he could find out and not tell me or anyone. I do believe he would be very good at not telling me but I want to share the experience of knowing the sex together either at birth or at the scan.

Looks like he wins we are going to find out. I don’t mind now as when I was previously looking around the stores it is hard to get excited when you are looking at neutral colours and not being a huge fan of yellow I was finding it difficult. I also noticed that there is not a lot of unisex clothes in stores, probably due to the fact a huge percentage of people do find out the sex these days.

We were going to go back to future babies and pay for an early gender scan at 16 weeks but i had a tantrum and decided to be mean and make Mr C wait. Yep my crazy hormones were present. I then decided actually maybe we should but then thought again and at £95 I felt like I would rather have the free hospital scan and then spend that £95 on clothes.

When the little bean is kicking Mr C will always say “that’s my boy”. Oh i do wish he would stop because it is so going to be a girl now. Saying that I have had a feeling it was going to be a boy all along, until this week I all of a sudden thought im not sure now.

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