Developing my style of photography

Where i started and where i am heading…

I started my career as a photographer at Venture Photography.

Top right: Thats me

The Uk’s leading portrait company.

Such a great company to work for but i lost the love of selling one 7×5 photo for £95, one 10×8 at £165 and digital albums that you cant print from at £600. I would have sales up to £5000 and have no commission after shooting, editing and selling the photos.

Seeing my work at the Venture Award in Nutsford.

After a successful year of featuring in the Venture Awards book I left and opened my own studio in Reading town center.

Seeing two of my images in the Venture Awards book

Having worked at Venture i find it difficult when customers question my prices and say they are expensive when my digital albums start from £150 with full copyright in comparisment to £600 for 15 images as a pc slide show. There are lots of studios that lack quality, bad lighting and bad retouching. My best friend Nicola and I often have the same discussion not understanding how people cannot see the difference in quality and creativity between photographers. Maybe people just dont care enough about family portrait these days? I think this topic will need to be a separate blog post. I will compare the difference in quality and prices. I will show you the Primark from the Prada of family portraits. Like all product you have the low-end, mid and high-end range but in photography the prices don’t seem to vary that much so its finding the high end photographer with the low end prices like me! 🙂 Im not saying im the best in the game and dont want to sound bigheaded but want people to see the value for money in my work. For me family portraits are about creating your own piece or art to have up on the walls at home. Its not about sitting stiff, looking into a camera, saying cheese with forced smiles. I will come back to this as a new post.

Family portraits are not something you do everyday so are worth investing in. That is me talking as a new mum to be not as a photographer.

Toes do not stay this cute forever! LOVE my job.

I cant wait for my baby to arrive so i can take lots of beautiful photos. I predict she will either grow up to hate the camera completely or will be a model.

My current work

This little strawberry was shot last week at my studio

I am adapting my style to concentrate on maternity/newborns and wedding photography. I love my job and entertaining families for an hour of fun in the studio but i am losing the love for white studio backgrounds. I want to do more fun family portraits on location and more boutique baby photos.

My new style wont be to everyone’s taste but for me i absolutely love the use of colours, textures and accessories. However this means building up a new collection of props as my current style includes no props only personal items that customers bring in.

Stools and bowls i need

I already have this pompom tutu isn't it beautiful

I want to build a collection of hairbands for girls and hats for boys

Cute crown

The images below show an example of the style i am working toward. I it when hate photo of sleeping new borns getting refered to as “very Anne Geddes” as I am not really a fan of her work and have come across many american photographer whose work is so much more amazing.

Inspiring photos

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