Bugaboo V’s iCandy

So tomorrow I am off to test drive Q7’s…I wish! Ok so im of to test drive prams at John Lewis. What do you drive?

I have narrowed it down to the Bugaboo and the iCandy collections after reading a number of reviews.

I would like to go to the shops with a top 5  most recommended prams. Please comment on the post to let me know what you think or if there are any other prams that come highly recommend I would love to hear your opinions.

I will then be back with my own review 🙂

Bugaboo Cameleon V's Bugaboo Bee?


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8 Responses to Bugaboo V’s iCandy

  1. Lou says:

    I’ve got the bugaboo! I love it! Its taken Anais to a newborn and up to a toddler no problems! Plus you can choose your colors 😉 (cream and brown) so stylish!! Can not fault it apart from the price 😮 happy pram hunting xxxxxxxx

  2. Nicky Kazan says:

    Yay as already said it was a toss up of Quinny and bugaboo for me but have gone for a bugaboo as I wanted a bit of colour and as I am having a boy I thought I could get away with this lovely neutral colour! Xxx

  3. Hannah Sheldrake says:

    Icandy all day long!! Love my pram I went for the
    iCandy cherry. Xx

  4. sharifa says:

    I have the bugaboo and I adore it! Its fun practical, being able to change colours as an when. Dark in the winter, brighter in the summer! Cosy toes is beautiful an warm really cocoons baby! But I did find I didn’t get much use out of the carrycot that comes with it parie just looked lost in it!
    I’m quite the eager beaver an putting PD in the 2nd seat at 3 months suited me fine #team bugaboo I candy’s look cool though x

  5. aimee says:

    Bugaboo… I have just ordered the the bugaboo donkey its the double buggie version, I am super excited to it when the 2nd bay comes… Had a good play with it in shop and sat Sid in it at his big size and he loved it and was very comfortable. Only thing the price hun its expensive but hey U gotta look good when U pushing ur baby girl around. Happy shopping xx

  6. Laura Dutfield says:

    We bought the iCandy peach which you can also turn into a double pushchair eventually! It’s never let us down, very easy to push and to fold into the car. Beautiful colours too. I would definitely recommend the iCandy to expecting parents. Enjoy shopping! 🙂 xxx

  7. Louise james says:

    Buggabooooooooo!!! Love it!! I’m on baby no 2 with it now n still love it! Had a double buggy but now using the cool buggy board on back for older one. Love how the maxi cosi car seat clips onto frame so if I’m not on long walk I can just clip him straight in from car so no need to disturb him. I used pram bit as Moses type basket on mamas & papas rocking stand after both boys outgrew the Moses basket as its longer n I love the footmuff n various colour combos u can get. If u go for it b sure to go for darker colour towards bottom so they don’t get dirty with lil feet. I have beige n brown combo n love it. Lightweight n versatile but b sure u try it in ur boot to b sure u find it easy to get in n out. Hav friends with iCandy n they also love theirs. Good luck!

  8. Jo ledger says:

    I have the quinny buzz! Great pushchair! Easy To push! Xx

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