American/nautical baby boy shower

I had so much fun coming up with lots of ideas for my baby girls, baby shower I got carried away and done one for expecting mummies with little boys in their tummies. Yes im a geek!

Just so happens my best friend Mrs K is 4 weeks ahead of me and the first of the all my girlfriends to have a baby and guess what its a BOY! Not being from a group of girls who have had children yet I was so happy and couldn’t wait to be a “Aunty” and make a fuss of her pregnancy and her new baby. We went out to catch up over food and little did I know at the time I was in fact pregnant. I sat there laughing at her, as I ate a platters of sea food and goats cheese, which you have to sacrifice in pregnancy, sad times. I laughed because it is both our favourite food and kept saying I could never give this up! Yes, a good friend I know. Mrs K sat there saying “I wish I weren’t doing it on my own and one of you girls were pregnant” oh how we all laughed! ha ha haaaaa

Well…. 2 weeks later I wasnt laughing was I! It had to be me didn’t it! (hear my reaction in my very first post “when the second line appears”) Thanks Mrs K for attracting that! So of course all the important questions came rushing to mind, not how am i going to cope in a less than perfect relationship but how could i give up seafood and how will i deal with the Brie and Stilton under my nose at every gathering, with christmas just around the corner. This is what it must be like for addicts going cold turkey, not fun! Its been hard but it had to be done.

Now i can see it’s a blessing to be going through it with one of my best friends and often wake up to messages like and know the feeling. Our other best friend Miss T has already written their love story and goes a little like this:

“Boy meets girl aged 0 months. Girl giggles with boy. Boy likes girl. Girl says just mates. Boy charms girl. Girl n boy marry.”

So back to my boys baby shower theme. It would be american bbq meets nautical.

I love this idea for a mint after a meal. I am still doing this just with different coloured tissue obviously.

Would change the water to a clear fizzy drink like cream soda or lemonade

Another question that has just popped into my head when thinking of ideas  is Q: Would i slip something a little stronger in the red drink? which brings me to my next question Q. Do people drink alcohol and get drunk at baby showers?

I’ve only been to two baby shower. One I was working at and the other one I was late for so missed most the fun and games.

Big hotdogs (mini is no fun when your pregnant) and nacho bowls all round

Fun photo op that tastes good

I should really do a post for mummies that haven’t found out the sex. You know if I have time I am so doing one! #Geek

Please comment below and let me know about the alcohol situation at baby showers.

What did you do at your baby shower?

favourite game?

favourite food feature?


Do you think baby showers are completely American and don’t see what the fuss is all about?

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One Response to American/nautical baby boy shower

  1. We didn’t really have alcohol at either of my baby showers… Although I think a few girls bought a bottle of wine 🙂

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