Does a Birkin bag count as a baby changing bag?

Thanks to the snow test driving prams didn’t take place as I didn’t want to venture out. I hate being cold with a passion. So from the warmth of my home I went internet browsing looking for really important accessories that I need for my baby. A changing bag of course!

My first choice would be a Hermes Birkin bag, maybe slightly over priced and completely impractical but who cares it’s absolutely beautiful! Priced at a small down payment on a house, I am defiantly worth it! Come on its not everyday you push a baby out your lady bits, I need to be rewarded! Plus I need look good as a new mummy around town.

The beautiful Hermes Birkin bag ill have a black one please!

It works for VB i also need that beautiful watch on her arm to make sure i don't miss feeding times

Ok so if im not getting a Birkin I could possibly work with a Mulberry bag.

Yep tan or black will do please

Ok, ok… so maybe the Mulberry bag wont be very practical either, so here we go with real “baby changing bags”

Working at the studio I obviously get to see lots of babies. Lots of lovely clothes and cute accessories always stand out to me but I can’t say I have ever really noticed a changing bag and thought ah wow that’s cute.  I done a quick search and all I could see was lots of horrible, geometric prints and de-saturated colours.

So many bags. So many ugly bags.

One bag that I have always liked was my sister in laws bugaboo bag in black leather. I love the simplicity of it and of course black leather pretty much goes with everything.

Would it be completely ridiculous to pick a pram over a changing bag? Maybe.

Bugaboo Changing bag. Canvas £70 in leather £99

I was also recommended by one of my lovely mummy readers to check out the PacaPod at John Lewis

I like the quick side access with separate "pods"

Do you have a handbag and a changing bag? or does your changing bag become your handbag? Oh lord all these things to think about!

This has got me thinking do I want a changing bag that looks like a handbag or just a baby changing looking type bag.

This is the nicest "handbag" type bag that i came across. It's at the higher end priced at £185

Quick side access - looks nice and practical

Share the load

When looking at the Pacapod the last image made me realise I want a plain simple bag that Mr C can carry too! Having looked at lots of sites mothercare do a really good variety.  In the low end range there are some nice plain bags for less than £40.

However the messenger bag does remind me of year 6 at school with my first “record bag” ha ha

Mothercare Messenger Change Bag - Denim £31.99

Most brands do really nice bags that compliment their prams. I think I will be sticking to the same brand just for ease as i know i could be searching forever. However if you do want to look for something a little bit different, other places where you can find a good variety of changing bags are:

Kathy Cidson

Pink Lining




So it looks like one needs to decide on a pram before I carry on because so far the only bag i really like is the bugaboo changing bag. I just had a quick look at the iCandy bag and I could live with that too it looks really practical.

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3 Responses to Does a Birkin bag count as a baby changing bag?

  1. Tea&Biscotti says:

    I thoroughly enoyed reading this! I agonised for at least the last 4months of my pregnancy on which bag/changing bag to buy. Unforunately, it wasn’t the Birkin. The PacaPod is great – if you can remember in which pod you put the stuff, with full on baby brain, functioning memory isnt always guaranteed. The most simple looking, easy to use bags (usually in black) are a must. Good luck trying them all out! 🙂

  2. Reena Brewster says:

    Trust me.. I have tried substituting baby changing bags for stylish large handbags but it’s no good…u need to cram sooo much stuff in every vital nook and cranny..every necessary compartment has a use! Practicality wins over style on this occasion unfortunately. One of the many things you almost need to give up when the bubba takes prime position in importance in ones life! U may think this is sad but the utter happiness your own born gives you is completely fulfilling in every way! X

  3. sharifa says:

    Birkin yes please!! But if not I think its important to either keep it matching the pushchair and stylish! This changing bag also becomes your bag everyday for a year sometimes longer, this is the time to invest in a nice purse or pouch! Mulberry pouches are quite nice, to keep your lippy, mirror, personal things in, slip it inside which ever changing bag you choose and u have the best of both!

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